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At Ashland Pools, we pride ourselves on being the best pool builders in the business. We specialize in inground gunite pools and have a reputation for quality craftsmanship.

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For over 35 years, our owners have delivered unsurpassed construction services throughout metro Atlanta. As a land developer, custom home builder and new pool installer, Ashland is highly experienced in all aspects of construction. Choosing Ashland means you are putting your pool needs in the hands of true professionals.

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Our inground pool designs are unique to each of our customers.  Get inspired and bring your backyard to life by ensuring your new pool represents your vision and lifestyle.



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What is the difference between a gunite pool and a shotcrete pool?

The determining factor between the two is when the product is mixed.  The major difference between the two is that shotcrete is applied pre-mixed with water, so it simply hardens where it falls. On the other hand, gunite is applied as a dry plaster which mixes with water as it leaves the hose.

How much does an inground shotcrete pool cost?

A shotcrete pool lasts considerably longer than a vinyl pool or fiberglass pool.  Typically, shotcrete pools range from $75,000 to $150,000.  Prices vary based on each project’s size, customizations and features.

Why should I get a geometric shape pool?

Geometric pools commonly considered to be more formal and take a more modern design.  These designs are built with definitive shape such as rectangle, square or oval.  Some benefits to geometric pools include suitability for lap swimming, cost-effectiveness and great for infinity edges.

Would a freeform pool work better for my yard?

A freeform pool does not have a defined shape.  Freeform pools offer the ability to truly customize the pool design to meet the feel of the backyard environment.  Freeform pools are great for incorporating bench seating and tanning ledges.

What is the difference between pool decking and pool coping?

Coping is  the material used to cap the pool edge.  Coping is typically about 12” wide and separates the pool from the start of the pool decking.  Coping options include concrete, tile and pavers.  Pool decking is larger in size and is the area where most pool owner’s place their lounge chairs, tables and other pool & backyard furniture.  It’s important to keep heat resistant and slip resistant materials in mind for your selection process.

What customizations and options can be incorporated into my pool?

Designing a custom pool to meet your family’s needs while maximizing your property layout and optimizing your budget is an exciting part of the process.  Available options include bench seating, tanning ledge, incorporated heated spa with or without water spillover, fire features, lighting, rock features, infinity edge, sheer decent, deck jets and bubblers.

What do I need to know about pool equipment?

Pool equipment includes the pool pump, filter, blower and possible heater.  Additional equipment includes salt chlorine generator, variable speed pumps, robotic cleaners.  The installation location of the pool equipment is an important factor to consider and is one of the first items that will be established when the builder makes their initial site visit.  There is not an exact optimal location for pool equipment, but the closer to the pool the better.  If the equipment is placed a long distance from the pool, it will have to work harder which can create less energy efficiency and shorten the lifespan.  However, most pool owners aren’t excited to place pool equipment right next to their backyard oasis, so it tends to be placed next to the air conditioning unit.

When is the best time to build a pool?

Given our moderate climate, we can build pools year-round.  However, winter is an ideal time to start your project for availability purposes and to ensure your backyard dream is ready for the next swimming season.

How long does it take to build a pool?

Once the design stage is complete, we will acquire permits, excavate, install and finish the decking.  In 8 to 12 weeks you will be ready to enjoy your backyard oasis.

Is salt water or a chlorine pool better?

Saltwater pools produce softer-feeling water which many pool owners prefer.  Saltwater pools are gentler on the eyes and skin due to the lower chlorine levels.

Need financing?

Get to know HFS, the preferred lender for Ashland Pools. HFS Financial was founded by experts in the financial field who wanted to provide homeowners with the most efficient way to fund their needs. For over 50 years, HFS has been purely focused on swimming pool financing and home improvement loans.  Simply apply online and get your answers the same day without affecting your credit. Direct-to-consumer funding without the hassle of milestone funding requirements, meaning you will get 100% of your financing upfront. Most loans fund within 48 hours.

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